What kind of wood do you use?

I use Ohio harvested wood for our popular raw wood cake stands. Mostly containing either Maple, Pine, or Buckeye. The wood I use is not old, and it is freshly cut. This means, the wood and bark will be brighter in color and simply in better condition than a very old cut. Young wood also looks much better in photos than grey old wood. For our tables, and other products I use a mix of reclaimed wood and lumber from HomeDepot.

What all do you do for the raw log slice cake stands?

I cut each slice from pre-cut trees at a plant nursery in Troy, OH. After choosing the best cuts from a large selection, I cut to size, sand, and level the cake stand. I fix any major impacts to the bark. I apply two different sealers to prevent molding as best as possible. I then engrave with basic woodburning tools.

Can I get my product sooner than the expected two week process?

Depending on the time of year, I can usually get the cake stands sent out much faster than the two week time. I give myself two weeks simply to be on the safe side. I suggest ordering the item much ahead of time!

Do you offer refunds?

I once offered refunds to customers. The problem began when a couple customers were taking my products, using them for the event and then saying there was a problem with the product. They demanded their money back, and as a new business owner not knowing what else to do, I gave them their money back so I would not receive bad reviews. I realized that not only was I being taken advantage of, but my customers were misusing the products. I have decided to no longer accept refunds due to these events. This was a good learning experience for me, and now I know that not every customer will be honest when they want their money back. I am always more than happy to work with customers to fix any errors caused by my company.