Business Website Development

Not only do I provide unique wedding decorations, I also provide websites for small businesses like mine. I love helping small businesses who are just starting out, and need as much help as possible (because I have been there). For only $59.99/M for hosting, domain and website, I will build it with WordPress, a content management system. It is very easy to use, if you can write an email you can use WordPress.

Business Internet Marketing

After your website is created with content and photos added, I will show you how to promote your business online. Social media is very useful for getting your name out there and everyone uses it. I am no social media expert, but I can show you how your website will rank much higher in search engines. Depending on how competitive your industry is will influence how we start your internet marketing strategy. Always remember, your competitors have been doing this for years.

Have you been promoting it, but have seen no income from it? Lets try my strategy! I simply do what Google tells their users to do when safely promoting a website, "Increase domain and page authority" and they will come.

Websites Created

Check out some of these websites I have helped in the past with development, hosting, and marketing. I trained these companies how to use WordPress, and now they all have someone in-house who operates their website. I always help with questions, updates, development, and new ideas with them without charging anything more.

Short true storyI built a website for a friend who started a small business in Cincinnati in 2013. He wanted to promote "kids birthday party" events in his new venue. The problem was, no one was showing up even though he promoted it through social media with thousands of followers. We started an internet marketing campaign with a third-party company that I still use to this day. One year later, he had so many people signing up in advance to rent his party venue, it now takes over seven months to even get into the place. He was so stressed out about the amount of people he was dealing with (simply unprepared), he decided to sell his company for a lot more than he started it with.